Swedish GT

2018 marks the start of the Lotus Cyan Racing programme, fielding a Lotus Evora GT4 in the Swedish GT championship with drivers Prince Carl Philip, Thed Björk and Richard Göransson.

Season video: Lotus Cyan Racing becomes vice-champions of the 2018 Swedish GT
Lotus Cyan Racing drivers Price Carl Philip and Thed Björk became vice-champions of the 2018 Swedish GT GTB class after a tough season of victories, podiums...
Prince Carl Philip secures silver medal in Swedish GT season finale
Lotus Cyan Racing driver Prince Carl Philip secured the silver medal of the 2018 Swedish GT season after a challenging finale at Mantorp Park with team-mate...
Tough season finale qualifying following technical issues
Technical issues made the Swedish GT season finale qualifying at Mantorp Park difficult for the Lotus Cyan Racing duo of Prince Carl Philip and Thed Björk,...

Current programmes

These are the current programmes of Geely Group Motorsport, starting with the Swedish GT programme of Lotus Cyan Racing.
Geely Group Motorsport and Cyan Racing formed Lotus Cyan Racing ahead of the 2018 season and will field Prince Carl Philip, Thed Björk and Richard Göransson...


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