Prince Carl Philip secures silver medal in Swedish GT season finale


Lotus Cyan Racing driver Prince Carl Philip secured the silver medal of the 2018 Swedish GT season after a challenging finale at Mantorp Park with team-mate Thed Björk.

"While we aimed to fight for the top three in the races this weekend, we secured enough points for the goal that we had to claim the runner-up spot in the championship. The silver medal is a nice reward for the hard work everyone in the team has put down throughout the year," said Prince Carl Philip.

The team fought hard during the season finale weekend with technical issues that were solved but cost valuable setup work time on the car.

The first race saw Bernadotte retiring due to a broken steering rod after fighting for the top three positions of the GTB class while the second race saw the duo claiming sixth place.

"This track was one of the toughest for us this year and everyone in the team worked really well together to overcome the issues. Our focus was to secure the silver medal with Prince Carl Philip and we did just that, something we are happy with," said Thed Björk.

The 2018 Swedish GT season resulted in one victory and five podium finishes, placing Prince Carl Philip second in the GTB class championship for drivers.

"The team has worked hard all season to overcome a lot of unexpected challenges. The goal for Prince Carl Philip this weekend was to claim second place overall and they succeeded after a strong team effort," said said Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, Head of Motorsport att Geely Group Motorsport.

Race 1 – GTB Top 5
1 Behrens/Fredriksson Mercedes AMG GT4 26 laps
2 Söderholm/Söderholm Porsche 911 GT4 +0.947
3 Mäkinen/Lilja Maserati MC GranTurismo +7.716
4 Gullberg/Mörner Ginetta G55 +10.182
5 Gustafsson/Anderson Audi R8 GT4 +19.832
8 Bernadotte/Björk Lotus Evora GT4 +7 laps

Race 2 – GTB Top 5
1 Behrens/Fredriksson Mercedes AMG GT4 22 laps
2 Gullberg/Mörner Ginetta G55 +5.574
3 Gustafsson/Anderson Audi R8 GT4 +7.189
4 Söderholm/Söderholm Porsche 911 GT4 +1 lap
5 Mäkinen/Lilja Maserati MC GranTurismo +1 lap
6 Björk/Bernadotte Lotus Evora GT4 +1 lap

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Final championship standings GTB – Top 5
1 Gullberg/Mörner 216 points
2 Carl Philip Bernadotte 128 (-88)
3 Mäkinen/Lilja 110 (-106)
4 Thed Björk 103 (-113)
5 Simon Sjöö 82 (-134)

2018 Swedish GT Calendar
04-05/5 Knutstorp
16-17/6 Anderstorp
18-19/8 Karlskoga
08-09/9 Rudskogen
21-22/9 Mantorp Park

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