The production process of the Lynk & Co 03 TCR


Geely Group Motorsport has ramped up production of the Lynk & Co 03 TCR race cars ahead of the approaching 2020 season. Join us as we take a look at the production process which turns an empty body shell into a complete race car.

The Lynk & Co 03 TCR made its racing debut last year in the hands of Cyan Racing in the FIA World Touring Car Cup.

The Swedish outfit went on to claim the Team World Title in the first season for the car, claiming eight victories, 21 podiums and 122 laps led - making it the most successful TCR car of the series.

And the foundation for the success on track is secured in the production process by Geely Group Motorsport.

Body shells and all standard road car parts are delivered to Geely Group Motorsport in Europe from the Lynk & Co road car production facilities in Zhang Jiakou, China. There are a lot of components that are carried straight over from the Lynk & Co 03 road car, including engine, body panels, rear bumper, lights, subframes, windows and more.

The first part of the production process is the wiring and bespoke race interior, featuring a unique race seat of the highest safety standard, a six-point harness, a fire extinguisher system, an FIA safety fuel cell, a race dash with vital information for the driver and much more.

Next up is larger elements that are build up in subassemblies away from the car, like the six-speed sequential gearbox, suspension and engine which receives un update to the oil system.

The Lynk & Co engine, producing 350hp in race trim, is quality checked on an engine dyno before it is mounted in the car.

Some of the road car components are modified, like the installation of a roll cage in the shell to improve safety whilst increasing torsional stiffness. Air vents and race latches are also added to the bonnet along with some other parts.

The final part of the process is a shakedown on a test circuit to ensure that all is working well and to have the car ready to race straight after delivery to the customer.

The cost of the car is from 136,500€ and interested customers are invited to contact Geely Group Motorsport.

About Geely Group Motorsport
Geely Group Motorsport handles strategic alignment on motorsport activities for the brands within Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH) and was formed in 2018 with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Hangzhou, China.

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